Top Tracks of Q2 2017

The second quarter of 2017 is coming to a close and I have picked my favorite tracks. These are the tracks that have been rocking my speakers since their release. If you want to see my Q1 picks click HERE. If you want to purchase one of these tracks just click on the name of the track and it will redirect you.

 5. Waio Vs Bryan Kearney – Futura (Original Mix)

Recently I have fallen out of favor for this Progressive Psy sound, especially when it’s mixed with tribal chants. It has become extremely saturated and repetitive over the last year. Waio and Bryan Kearney put a refreshing twist on it by adding elements from Tech Trance. By refusing to add any tribal samples and sticking to a more traditional Progressive Psy sound, albeit a little more aggressive, this track stood out to me. I look forward to seeing any future projects from these two.

 4. Allen Watts – Arizona

It has been quite some time since I have legitimately enjoyed an Uplifting Trance track (ironically, I have two on this list). When it comes to Uplifting it is all about balancing the bass with the melody. This track has an absolutely gorgeous melody that resonates with the soul. I do not know much about this artist but he nailed a future classic with this beautiful record.

 3. William Daniel presents Fu2ra – Machine Language

This is a massive ch00n that came out on Jordan Suckley’s label, Damaged. In my eyes, this track flew under the radar and didn’t get the respect it deserved. William Daniel did an excellent job at capturing the driving essence that is so famous with Tech Trance. Not only is the driving bassline perfect, he also created a mesmerizing melody to accompany it. There will be no relaxing when this track is being played, only heads down and bodies moving!

2. Ton TB – Electronic Malfunction (Paul Denton Remix)

Every year since Outburst was created it has had some of my most favorite tracks. When I saw that Paul Denton remixed this famous classic, it made me scream like a little school girl. When listening to remixes of highly respected classics, I look for two things. The first is that they didn’t take away the original essence of the track. The second thing I look for is if they added their own ideas without butchering the entire track. Paul Denton executed these two things perfectly! He gave a much needed update to this track while improving it exponentially. Elegant job, Mr. Denton.

1. Daniel Kandi & Dreamy – Match Made In Heaven

Okay, this track surprised me more than anything else this year. I was not expecting Daniel Kandi to adventure back to his original roots. The old school Kandi sound paired with the pure emotion Dreamy puts into his music created a heavenly track. This track evokes a deep feeling from you which is rare with Trance nowadays. It is one of those songs that gives you the chills and you never want it to end. I would love to see these two collaborate more in the future because their potential is endless.

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