The Must See Trance Acts (EDC)

It is EDC weekend and Trance has its own dedicated stage. Quantum Valley will be showcasing the many different sounds of this mesmerizing genre. Everything from Progressive to the ever growing Psy Trance. I am going to give you a look into my most anticipated acts of the weekend. Let’s begin this journey into the Quantum Valley.

First of my picks is the young legend, Bryan Kearney. Mr. Kearney always delivers a massive set with a mix of Tech and Uplifting Trance. His label, Kearnage, has been churning out top notch tracks all year and I expect him to be showcasing a few new ones this weekend. Not only does Bryan Kearney have amazing track selection, he also a maestro when it comes to mixing. He comes from the era when DJs were tucked away and had to control the crowd with their understanding of the music. This will be one unforgettable set, trust me.

Next is John O’Callaghan, the future king of Trance. JoC has been making massive waves in the Trance genre for well over a decade. Known for his beautiful Uplifting and Vocal Trance earlier in his career, he has now taken to the techy side of Trance. His new project with Bryan Kearney, Key4050, has taken the Tech Trance scene by storm. With talks a Key4050 album coming out this year, you can expect to hear plenty of new material. If you are looking for some driving, high energy Trance, this is the set for you!

My third pick isn’t just a single DJ, it’s the greatest crew in Trance, the VII Crew! This Friday you will be able to catch all of VII in the Quantum Valley. These gentlemen are leading underground Trance and all its glory. They will make sure to show you the darker side of the genre, don’t expect any uplifting melodies here. Quantum Valley will be reserved on Friday for some good old-fashioned heads down Trance.

Last but definitely not least, is the up and comer Triceradrops. On Sunday, PsyTribe will be taking over the Kalliope art cart with Triceradrops closing the night out. Triceradrops is the master of the dark arts, he will show you just how terrifying Trance can be. With his metal inspired sound, Triceradrops pushes the boundaries of the genre, creating a refreshing and unique sound. If you want to end your EDC weekend with a bang, I highly urge you to go into the depths with this maniac.

Those are my Trance picks for EDC, I hope you find the time to check out a couple of them. I want all of you to have a fun weekend and please be safe. Make sure to be vigilant and help others in need.


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