Gabriel & Dresden At The Scarlet Preview

It is that time of year again when Arizona’s favorite Trance duo visits us again. Gabriel & Dresden have made quite an impact on the Arizona Trance scene by bringing their classic and new sound in their famous extended sets. This time around we get to enjoy them at the wonderful and intimate Scarlet in downtown Phoenix. Joining them on the decks will be our very own Brett Ortiz. This will be one amazing night, for sure!

Gabriel & Dresden formed in the early 2000s and were one of the first Trance acts to adopt an American sound to the genre. A great example of this is their 2003 BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, when Pete Tong invited them on to kick off Miami music week. This mix has a real West Coast vibe to it. They also are behind some of the most memorable Trance classics such as, As The Rush Comes, Tracking Treasure Down, and their amazing collaboration with Armin van Buuren, Zocalo. With the success of many of their singles and remixes, they were no stranger to being featured on many of the top radio shows. The impact of their tracks led them to become a staple in many DJs sets, past and present.

After Gabriel & Dresden’s break from 2008 – 2011, they have put a major focus on bringing the new generations of dancers back to the classic Trance roots. With nearly all their bookings being extended sets, it gives you a true sense of a journey through the sounds of Trance. You can expect many of their own productions and many others that shaped what we know as Trance.

This year’s show should be special because of all the material they have from their new album that is on the horizon. This is Gabriel & Dresden’s first album in over a decade and from the little teasers they have shared with us, it’s going to a marvelous piece of art.

This will be a special show, like always, and I hope to see a bunch of familiar faces on the dance floor. Also, don’t forget to show up early to cheer on our very own Brett Ortiz.

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