Alpha 9 Preview

Arty is making a return to the valley under his revamped alias, Alpha 9. Arizona is extremely fortunate to be one of the stops on this special tour. This is going to be a real treat for any Trance fan.

If you are a veteran to the Trance scene you will probably remember Alpha 9 from his track Come Home. This 2010 track gained massive respect from lovers of Progressive and uplifting. Come Home, not only was a fan favorite, it also garnered support from multiple high ranking DJs at the time.

The beginning of 2017, Arty announced on facebook in a heartfelt message that he would be returning to his roots under the Alpha 9 moniker. During this time he also released a brand new track named The Night Is Ours. This track was a definite stunner to many fans. It was a perfect representation of the classic Alpha 9 sound and somewhat refreshing to hear Progressive Trance again. To say the least, Progressive Trance has been scarce.

“Hey everyone, Arty here and I wanna share some thoughts with you that I’ve been living with for a while now.

First, thanks to all of you for being with me in this amazing musical journey, I just realized it’s already been 9 years since I’m doing what I love the most and your support is the one of the few things that keeps me motivated and inspired,
I appreciate it so much and I always will!

But I also appreciate the desire to explore myself in different musical styles, trying something new and pushing this idea forward all the time. Since the beginning of my career I’ve always been saying that I don’t wanna stuck in one certain genre, and the reason is not because I don’t like it anymore. The real reason that is for me as an artist, listening, getting inspired and making as much diverse music as possible is one of the things that helps my creativity and keeps me from being stagnated as a musician…which is the worst.

That’s why at some point the music I was making has started to go further and further away from its original roots.
Some of you accepted it, some if you didn’t. Yet all of the records I made always came from my soul, whether it’s trance, dance or pop. Over these years I’ve been always listening to your feedback. You might think that for an artist it’s extremely easy to start ignoring his fans, their demands and just do what his heart or mind says.
Well, it’s not. And that’s where idea of discovering new sound clashes with listener’s voice and all of this happens in my head. “IN MY HEAD”, so don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it. Your feedback and support was always with me throughout this journey, but when some of my records didn’t match your expectation, unconsciously I started to build this pressure on my shoulders and I started to compromise my music in an effort to make both me and my fans satisfied.

2016 was amazing year for me. It was a year of re-discovering myself as an artist and as a person as well, considering it took me a minute to get out of my album’s routine and its aftermath, which was close to a nightmare. But the freedom afterwards felt like nothing else. I didn’t feel myself so inspired and productive in a long time, and it was probably the first time I opened my eyes so wide. Closer to the end of last year I noticed how much my music was different from what I’ve done in the past, and I felt like I had been neglecting my long-time fans and it didn’t feel fair. And that’s how I came up with idea of bringing the Alpha 9 alias back. It gives me the freedom to not be bounded to a specific genre, allowing me to experiment and keep pushing my boundaries with Arty, while I can be as close as possible to my long-time fans using Alpha 9 moniker.

I remember myself as a 17 year old kid, running back home from university classes every day, absolutely blinded by just the idea of making music. No pressure from managers, labels or promoters, just pure passion. For the first time in a long time I feel like that kid again and I don’t feel this pressure anymore.

Also I wanna make it really clear, although Alpha 9 is still me, it’s a totally separate project from Arty, focused on totally different music. I’m taking Arty music further towards the dance scene, while Alpha 9 will be a progressive/trance oriented project, this applies to branding, releases and live sets.” – Arty, from Facebook

We first had the opportunity to hear the newly revamped Alpha 9 at Ultra Music Festival. To many, he was the highlight of the event because of his awesome track selection, full of familiar favorites. Although his track selection was great, you could tell he was out of practice when it came to mixing Trance. With a couple of months behind us since Ultra Music Festival, I expect Alpha 9 to be at peak performance this time around.

So if you are a fan of Trance and have nothing going on this Saturday, this is a must. Have fun and party safe!

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