A Look at Ferry Corsten’s Blueprint (album review)

Blueprint, the new album from the respected Trance producer, Ferry Corsten. Ferry holds a dear place in my heart as one of my favorite musicians. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard he was creating another album. With every teaser that came out, I became more eager. It has now been out for a few weeks now and I am ready to talk about the good and the not so good.


This album is a unique concept and maybe even a first for dance music. Ferry Corsten incorporates an audio book accompanied by his music. Each song starts and ends with the narrator guiding us through this journey of Lukas and his creation. I do not want to spoil much more of the actual story because I think it’s an integral part of what makes this album good.

The good: Blueprint was quite enjoyable because I went into it with an open mind. I found the short story captivating, especially paired with the music. Ferry Corsten did an excellent job at evoking the correct emotion with each step of the story. The narrator may have set the scenes, but Ferry’s music was the true story. This album had a handful of excellent standalone tracks, including Venera, Drum’s a War, Eternity, and the title track Blueprint. With that being said, I feel like this album is better when listened to from start to finish.

The not so great: I am going to start this section with if you are a hardcore Trance fan this album is probably not for you. Without the story-telling part of the album, I would have found it a bit generic for my taste. From a music standpoint, there was very little innovation. The story was definitely the shining factor of this album and I have a feeling that is what Ferry Corsten was going for. My last piece of criticism is the lack of diverse vocalists. Every vocal track either had HALIENE or Eric Lumiere, with the exception of two tracks.

Final thoughts: For the most part I was pleased with this album and would recommend it to anyone who likes dance music. Will it replace my other favorites from Ferry Corsten? Probably not, but I will gladly add it to my collection of Ferry Corsten stuff. It’s something different and unique from one of the masters of Trance. Every artist needs to spread his wings and cultivate those creative juices and Ferry Corsten did it wonderfully with Blueprint, in my eyes.

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