In A Dream Like State (review)

The Dreamstate tour has officially passed and now it is time to reflect on this amazing experience. Much like my past show reviews, I am going to cover the venue, security, crowd, production, and of course, the DJs. This is going to be a long one, so hang with me on this.

The first thing most people encounter when you attend an event is the security personnel and they can either make or break your night. The Pressroom always has had an upstanding security team and this night was no different. They are extremely friendly, with smiles on their faces and radiating good vibes. They always seem to get you through the doors in record time. They do a thorough search and pat down, without being too intrusive. Throughout the show they blend into the crowd, being very vigilant and giving you a great sense of security. This crew gets a 10/10 from me all day every day.

On to the actual venue, The Pressroom. I have loved this place for a long time but there is one aspect I cannot stand. This place gets so ridiculously hot inside! It is a bummer that this show took place on the hottest day we have had so far this year. Other than the heat, The Pressroom is a very spacious and comfortable venue. It has easy access to the bar and an outside area with tables so you can smoke while chatting with fellow concert goers. The Pressroom gets an easy 7/10.

Production, I have really been struggling with this one in my head because I had high expectations. The stage was just downright boring, the strobes and lasers were poorly used. The lasers were especially lackluster, poorly placed, and they were extremely stingy on using them. We did not see any laser action until twenty minutes into Simon Patterson’s set… come on, guys. Not only was the light-show bad, but the sound was dangerously loud. I have never been to a show as loud as this one. I was wearing high-quality ear plugs and my ears were killing for a couple of days. I genuinely feel bad for anyone that did not have some sort of protection, it was not safe. I’m sorry Relentless Beats and Insomniac but you dropped the ball on this one, 4/10.


Okay Arizona, you surprised me this time and made me proud you. This crowd was absolutely magnificent, best I have ever seen. You folks danced your heart out all night and I continually heard cheers for the DJ. I am usually extremely critical of you guys but this time you get a solid 9/10, keep this up!

Now, to look at the main attractions. I am going to go in the order in which they played. Alex M.O.R.P.H. was the first headliner to take the stage. He started with a beautiful piano melody from his new album and then went straight into some heavy Psy. In Alex M.O.R.P.H. fashion he had quite a few vocal tracks scattered throughout his set. There isn’t much to say about this set because he had an atrocious timeslot and was only given 45 minutes to play. He ended his set much like it started with a piano melody.


Alex had a couple aspects of his set that just did not sit well with me. I am going to start with the vocal tracks that were played. He kept mashing them up with Psy basslines and to me that does not sound good at all. There was also a lack of music from his own album. Alex really seems to be riding the Psy train, which is somewhat disappointing because he has some really solid originals. Overall I love Alex, but this set was a miss for me, 6/10.

Next up was the Argentinian duo, Heatbeat. This act genuinely surprised me and I can safely say it was one of my favorite sets of the night. From start to finish they banged out massive track after massive track. Absolutely zero time to rest and the crowd was eating it all up. Heatbeat stuck to mostly Tech Trance with one very tasteful Bigroom track sprinkled in the middle. The stage presence this man had was also top notch and felt very engaging to watch him.

I have been racking my brain to find something negative about this set but I cannot find anything. Keep up the amazing work Heatbeat, you guys get a solid 10/10 from me.


The next part of this show got real dark with Simon Patterson. This set is the definition of the Trance that I love to hear. Once Simon took to the stage they really turned up the visual show. While he was pounding us with the darkest underground Trance possible, the lasers were dancing above our head like we were traveling through outer-space. One song in this set stood out to me, Evoke. The way this track controls the crowd is like nothing I have ever seen. Evoke was beautifully threaded into this set and was the highlight of the night for me.

Much like Heatbeat’s set, I have nothing bad to say about Simon Patterson. I give this set a 9/10.


Paul van Dyk, one of the forefathers of Trance ended this magical night in Phoenix. Paul started with a bang and instantly got the crowd jumping. His mixing was a gorgeous masterpiece, seamlessly dancing from one song to another. Playing the usual Vandit sound with a few unknown tracks scattered around. I feel very fortunate myself to be able to witness someone I grew up idolizing. I have a good feeling the crowd will remember this set for a long time coming.

I do have one major criticism of his set and maybe it was because of me being tired. His set felt extremely repetitive and somewhat predictable. After about an hour into his set I wanted to leave because of how stale it started to sound. Other than that one complaint I enjoyed it, 7/10.


Well, that just about wraps up the Dreamstate tour stop in Phoenix. Overall, it was an enjoyable and memorable night. I hope with this show behind us, it opens up Phoenix for more Trance events in the future. Until next time, stay safe everyone!

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See you all at Dirty Disco!


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