The Best Tunes of Quarter One (2017)

q1 top tracks 2017

We have officially made it through the first quarter of 2017 and boy was there some excellent releases. We are going to take a look at four tunes that have consistently been rocking my speakers.

4. Indecent Noise – War Cry (Original Mix)

This track first saw the light of day on Mark Sherry’s Outburst 500 in late February. This was definitely the highlight of that compilation for me because it had such a unique feeling to it. It starts out with a smooth build up into an extremely melodic and beautiful breakdown. In classic Indecent Noise fashion, he then hits with that filthy Tech/Hard Trance bassline with a slight hint of Acid. This track hasn’t received much attention but it will for sure be a memorable one to me.

3. Mark Sherry – Gravitational Waves (Stevie Wilson Remix)

I must preface this with saying the original mix of this track was one of my most favorite tracks of last year. Anything that comes out of Mark Sherry’s labels is bound to be a banger in one way or another, this was no exception. When I saw Stevie Wilson’s name plastered next to this track, I immediately knew this was going to be one for the books. Stevie knows exactly what I look for in Techno, a heads downbeat that keeps you moving. Those two things paired superbly with this track and that is why I place above the other remixes of this record. Awesome job by Stevie Wilson making an already magnificent track even better!

2. Sam Jones – Good Love (Original Mix)

Sam Jones! I seriously think this man can do no wrong when it comes to producing. This track is the pinnacle of modern Tech Trance. High energy bassline with the heads down feeling I love so much from Techno. A breakdown that makes you want to throw your hands up with the feeling of pure ecstasy, matched with a catchy sample saying “good love”. Top it off with one of the most kickass ‘drops’ of 2017 so far. I feel very lucky to have heard this track multiple times live this year and it just keeps getting better every time.

1. Triceradrops – Engineering The Dead (Original Mix)

This track has been on repeat for me for quite some time now and it finally was released this year. This track brings a whole new element to the trance game that isn’t often experimented with. This could possibly be one of the darkest and terrifying tunes to ever be produced within the genre. It is a perfect blend of Dark Techno with a Psytrance feel. Honestly, I do not think any track released this year will dethrone this masterpiece of music.

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q1 top tracks 2017


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