Artist Spotlight: Triceradrops


For my third spotlight I’ve chosen an up and coming Psytrance producer that has recently knocked my socks off. I was lucky enough to catch one of his shows here in Arizona which was one hell-of-a mind altering experience.

Triceradrops is a Southern California native who first started making waves in his local scene. He produces a unique blend of Psytrance and Dark Techno, with a touch of horror. Listening to his music can take you on a frightening journey through darkest parts of Hell. With Triceradrops controlling the decks you can expect some very hard hitting bass that makes your soul tremble and eerie sounds that will make you question your sanity. His sets are definitely an experience that you won’t forget!

Triceradrops has a multitude of releases on prominent labels such as Pharmacy Records, as well as his Latest EP on Starlight Music Records. He has also been featured on Pharmacy Radio and “America’s In The Mix” on Afterhours.FM. With this surge in popularity, you can definitely expect to see more of this crazy dude.


Q: What made you fall in love with Psytrance and Dark Techno?

A: What made me fall in love with Psy was when I first heard it live through Christopher Lawrence at Beyond Wonderland 2011! Dark Techno came later, but when I heard demonic noises and dialogues… I was like, “I’m home.”

Q: Who are some of your biggest influences within the scene? And why are they your influences?

A: I would have to say for Techno that would be Diatek, A.P.T.A., D.N.S. and for Psytrance I would say Mystical Complex, Bizarre Contact, Orpheus and Dust. I mainly would say these dudes for their quality of kick and bass. The sound design they all do is great and well produced.

Q: Your music portrays a very dark and horrific sense of atmosphere that I find very unique. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: Well other DJ’s want to give people a sense of euphoria where they can vibe all happy with one another, and that’s not a bad thing at all you know, good vibes all around! When I make music I rather get inside your head and play with it…make people hear something that they normally don’t. I’d rather see someone losing their mind cringing, and if they’re smiling that means they’re just as crazy.

Q: I know that you are in a band and have played the guitar for a number of years. Do you try and incorporate aspects from your other musical taste into your Triceradrops productions?

A: Oh yeah, all the time! A lot of the leads or noises I come up with are influenced by guitar riffs or by that rhythm.

Q: “Engineering The Dead” off your latest EP “Repulsion” is by far one of my favorite tracks ever. What’s the story behind this track? What was the process like creating it?

A: This is probably the very first time I tried making a track with Techno bass the whole way. The process took some time and there’s many versions of it. I wanted to create the feeling of it being alien. Almost like a movie score if you know what I mean. This just captures a different time in my mind. I was still messing with melodies a lot more back then so that’s why you get a bit of the softer side as well with it. So it may be new to a lot of people yet this track is about 2 years old now!

Q: You have a Techno moniker, J Noriega. What do you hope to do with that in the future? Will we be seeing some Dark Techno from you?

A: Yes sir, that’s right! I actually plan on just renaming it to “Noriega.” I feel like that is just straight to the point there. I have a few tracks already coming I’ve been working on, ranging from 132-136. I’ll be launching that sometime this year so get ready for some weird stuff! I love playing under this alias because I can play whatever I want, rather than all my own tunes and edits under Triceradrops.

Q: Let’s move onto to the DJing side of you. You recently played at the biggest Trance festival in North America, Dreamstate. How did it feel to share a stage with some of the biggest names in the game? Has anything changed for you?

A: That was an amazing time, the feeling of finally accomplishing that was unreal for me! Most importantly was showing my parents what I’ve been up to. My life changed after that moment. After that, I knew they had my back with my music career and forever will. I haven’t felt that much confidence before, it was like the father-son kamehameha wave to defeat Cell finally. Dreamstate opened so many doors though, it put me on that level with other artists around the world and it also made me want more. I will get it too I’m not stopping anytime soon!


Q: You also just played your first international show in Mexico this year. How was that experience? Did the Mexican fans surprise you in any way?

A: Well, that was an awesome experience! The show was very intimate, it reminded me of what we got going out at the Pulsar gatherings here in the Mojave Desert. They loved me though and I was treated very well by Axon Producciones. They surprised me because they’re one of the first crowds that didn’t like the Techno actually! They love their Psy bass a lot more.

Q: Do you put a lot of planning into your sets or are you the type to just read the crowd? Take me through your mental process when you’re behind the decks.

A: I’ll look at all my tracks I got through some playlists and just scope out what kind of flow I can create. I never plan sets anymore I’ll just take about 20-30 tracks of mine, mashups/edits, remixes, originals and even works in progress! The only thing I’ll plan is an intro and go from there.

Q: You have played at just about every type of party, from a club to a festival to a desert rave. What’s your favorite and why?

A: They all serve their own purpose, I love them all very much. If I had a preference of venue it has to be La Jolla Indian Reservation hands down. Those parties are thrown by Psytribe. The underground will forever be my favorite, but what I do love about playing the main stage at these clubs/festivals is that I get to expose the masses to the darker side of dance music. Letting all the demons come out every time.

Q: What does Triceradrops have in store for us in the future?

A: Well recently, this past weekend in the desert I introduced playing the guitar live for the very time! So expect to see that coming up in the next shows and bringing more metal to the sound.

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! Do you have any shout outs or final words?

A: Yes, I just want to let know to keep your eyes peeled for some nice stuff coming from No Cliu, Sidekicks, and Tektrix!

Triceradrops social links: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

My review of Repulsion

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