Artist Spotlight: Ovnimoon


The second interview in my “Artist Spotlight” is with the extremely talented Ovnimoon, who hails from the beautiful city of Santiago, Chile.

Ovnimoon is most well known for the stories he tells through Psytrance, and producing quality albums regularly. He is also the owner of his own record label, “Ovnimoon Records”, which has released multiple high-quality compilations and tracks. Music definitely comes first for this man, as you will see in the interview below.

I do not want to give too much away because Ovnimoon covers just about everything in this interview. With this exclusive English interview, Ovnimoon talks about his new album “Voyage”, his opinion on the current Psytrance scene, and some intriguing messages to his fans. Let’s get into this very special interview and I hope you enjoy!


Q: In one of your latest Facebook posts you talk about the use of spirituality in Psytrance and how ego and fake people are clouding it. How do you keep yourself humble in a rapidly growing scene?

A: Hello, and a warm welcome to all. To answer your question, as of late I haven’t felt a part of any scene. I feel, and this may sound as strange, like I’m “in silence” as I’m only occupied with my music through which I am speaking my mind. When I wrote that piece on the ego (among other things) within trance, people responded that it was always like that. Now that I’m thinking about it, and my beginnings in Chile, it’s true that it has been like that all along. It’s just that I’ve barely noticed until now, and have been more conscious of it in a more profound manner, and that’s what annoys me about all this. Like others, I too have an ego, but in this music that speaks and preaches of various philosophies, mysticism, religions, spiritual symbols, sacred geometry, I feel there is a small percentage of people that actually practice what this music can teach us in a meaningful way. While many choose to use this music to seem enlightened, in reality, they are filled with darkness. Everyone can do what they want, as this music is made to dance to and to disconnect from society and the system, but I find it hypocritical, bearing such a mantle of mysticism, yet the only thing on their mind is making large sums of money, earning reputation amongst their peers, seeing themselves at the top of the charts, having thousands of followers, making EMPTY and SHALLOW music containing none of the magic or having none of the love because all that matters to them is their own self-interest.

This also applies to a lot of people who practice the sacred therapies, who are like brothers in arms. They promise many something they can’t do, charging so much money for therapies that are healing almost nobody.

Q: During the making of your new album “Voyage”, did you run into any troubles when it came to finishing a track?  How did you overcome it?

A: It’s like that all the time. With this album, I intend on improving my sound more, considering I feel my sound could always be improved from album to album. I tend not to like it and I find myself comparing myself to other artists and I ask myself, ‘Why do I sound so bad?!’. It frustrates me.

This album took a long while to finish, and my ideas after a while began to bore me and I felt like I was making more of the same, and that people’ll say as such. But I realized that by feeling that about my own music, it sounds like that because it is truly my own sound and how I want to sound. Someone once told me that it was possible that I may be the only one that can make trance the way I do. That made me realize that that’s true, my music truly is original, truly my own. Like other artists have their own sound, I have my own. And that I feel was the hardest thing about this album, accepting that I really can’t change my sound or the sound of Psytrance around the world, just that it doesn’t feel right doing it differently, and I don’t want to forget, not even for a moment, what Psytrance actually is to me. I overcame that by realizing that it is not always bad to follow my formula ahaha.


Q: In your new album, you had the chance to work with the legendary John ‘00’ Fleming. Can you describe what it was like to work with him?

A: John truly is a genius in the studio. The man knows how to properly make any and all forms of trance music and I really like that about him.

The track first appeared on his most recent album, and then I wanted to make a newer version that is closer to my sound and the result truly is a thing of beauty. I was really happy to have work with JOOF, he truly is a very kind person who brings such a good vibe with him.

Q: Did you have any big inspirations that helped you in the creation of “Voyage”?

A: My great inspiration will always be musical journeys. I always have loved how I compose my music, always with a story told in melodies. It’s like a movie, there’s a beginning, a climax, and an end, a progression you could say. And it is inspiring to write about themes such as Collective Consciousness and personal improvement, as these are very important to me. To take someone on the grandest journey possible, with a message that’s both important and impacting, that also inspires me. I prefer not to physically travel, but I do like when the music can transport me and take me on a journey. That to me is a real good feeling.

Q:  Do you have a message that you want to convey to your fans through your new album? Can you elaborate on what that message is?

A: The messages that are in the album, which are true, are dedicated to me as they have been in my previous albums hahaha. I too want to grow, to improve, to mature. A message to my fans though? I don’t really know. I feel those that are loyal, know what kind of music they’re going to listen, they’re going to enjoy it with full attention, dedication, and love. And for that, I’d like to extend a thank you for joining me on this journey and I hope I won’t disappoint you! The biggest surprise of this album is that I’ve included old school Goa Trance songs, something new for my albums. I hope you all enjoy the journey! 🙂

Q: You have been around for quite some time now. What are some things on your musical bucket list that you want to achieve in the future?

A: This is truly a difficult question… In general, when talking trance and Psytrance, there really is nothing else to be done. I know that’s a very negative way of looking at it, but the scenes are overly saturated currently, and like you said in a previous question, the scene grows and grows, but how I see it, a large percentage of the scene is in decline. I haven’t traveled to other countries for personal reasons, but I dedicate time to watching videos on YouTube of music festivals, and I know my opinion may come off as a little harsh, but the people just dance to whatever tripe the DJ or artist plays out. It could be Progressive with Madonna vocals in a very bad remix, but people dance all the same. I also notice that people solely wait for the drop, which at times is just a kick & bass, making me ask myself ‘what about the rest of the track? Does it mean nothing?’. The DJs aren’t exactly innocent of this either as they’re compiling only two minutes of drops and people jumping like crazy into their promotional videos and nothing else. It’s ridiculous. I joined the Psytrance scene for its mystical orientation, for the introspective trips it sends you on, not for the mainstream tripe that only is meant for raves.

And in general, many sub-styles of psytrance are stuck in a rut. To make matters more depressing is the fighting and arguments that happen between the sun-genres. The fights between those that prefer progressive psytrance versus those that prefer dark psytrance, it’s stupid and asinine. Which is why I started my mix compilation, “Mysteries of Psytrance, where I include multiple sub-genres. But in the end, no one can truly tell you what Psytrance is in today’s world.

As Ovnimoon, I feel the only thing I can do is keep walking down my own path, my formula for success. Like how I’m making Goa Trance right now, maybe in the future I can make Forest and it’ll still sound like Ovnimoon…

I’ve stayed faithful to my style of music, and I want to improve it, to keep on being, to at least some people, someone who makes real Psytrance.

Q: What was your main driving force for wanting to create your own label? What sets Ovnimoon Records apart from the rest?

A: The main reason for starting my own label was to make compilations and albums to my liking, it was Nathan’s (Dr. Spook) idea in the first place. I agreed with no eagerness or vision of what the future held.

Ovnimoon Records is a label that characterizes and differentiates itself by being a reflection of my tastes in music.

I find it boring solely to sign Psytrance to the label when there are tons upon tons of good music, alongside the tons upon tons of bad music.

In that case, Ovnimoon Records is a label that characterizes itself through having an open mind, by putting out many styles of trance as well as other genres of electronic music. The label has had releases Psytrance, Goa, ambient, IDM, Tech-Trance, Full-on Psytrance, Forest Psytrance, Progressive Trance, drone, and World music, etc., etc.

The ability to release a little bit of everything, as well as being able to make my mix compilations, gives me a good feeling because I find it dull and boring to listen to a CD with 10 same-sounding tracks. I prefer to hear the nuances and the stories.


Q: Who is a lesser known DJ/producer that has your interest right now and why?

A: Lately, in psytrance, almost nobody. Though there is one new artist, Spiritual Mode, that I’ve really liked what I’ve signed to the label to the point that I’ve collaborated with them on the album.

But what calls the most attention, is my love for music in general. I love ambient, Chill Hop and Lofi Hip hop, all of it has touched my soul!!!, very emotional …. and also the 80s, 90s, the eurodance that I came from, and experimental music too .. And especially the trippy and atmospheric techno, which is where I’ve found the real trance lately ….

I really am not interested in listening to Psytrance that sounds like 400 songs made and signed 4 months ago hahahaa, I prefer to have a variety to what I listen to.

Q: Outside of Psytrance, what are your top three favorite genres?

A: I think I already answered this before. I like Pop music, Hip Hop, music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, jazz, drone, ambient, Eurodance, Glitch Hop, Lounge, rock, old school Goa trance, IDM, Acid, among other genres.

Q: During your journey through Psytrance you have probably met some interesting people. Without naming names can you share with us one of your most interesting encounters?

A: I’ve met many wonderful and loving people, I can say that, but I prefer not to talk more of them.

Q: Before you play in front of a crowd do you have anything special you do to mentally prepare yourself? How do you go about selecting what tracks to play?

A: As of late I haven’t really DJ’d, but when I did, I was only really preoccupied with the nerves that came and how to stay calm hahaha. I never knew exactly what to play, and that’s what made it great.

When I played live it was the same thing, I tried to keep my nerves in check. The selection of music I had for a live set had more preparation because I felt I had to tell a story, and I felt had to bring my A-game playing live. But other than that, I didn’t really do any major preparations.

Q: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions. Before I let you go do you have anything you would like to say to your fans?

A: Thank you for all the support, for your positive messages every day, and for understanding my music!!

What I want to say is something that the general public, not just the Electronic music scene, should hear. It’s about the importance of supporting your favorite artists.

Thank you to all of those that actually buy the music, because whether you like it or not, the music is how some of us make a living. Whether playing a show or producing music, money doesn’t exactly fall from the sky, now does it? Supporting, buying, that all signifies that you respect the artist, that you respect what they do and the art they make, that you appreciate them. Piracy nowadays is a necessary evil that provides diffusion and helps get names out there in the first place, but it’s also the reason that labels are releasing fewer CDs, tapes, vinyl, and why artists are releasing less and less albums and only release a single or two, just to stay visible in the scene.

I await that one day this all changes. And I truly believe it can happen, as I’ve seen it at work in independent labels that sell their music on vinyl and cassette tapes and their followers actually support them. Like that, the scene can keep growing, despite seeing very little of this happening in Psytrance. People tend to tell me that since music should be free, I should be a millionaire since I sell my music in the first place! XD hahahaha

I feel that those that work from Monday to Friday are happy at the end of the month and that’s what matters.

Keep supporting

Thank You! 🙂


I want to give huge thanks to Ovnimoon and make sure you keep an eye out for the release of his new album “Voyage”.

Translated by: Manny Corral

Ovnimoon social media: Facebook, website, Soundcloud

Original Interview:

Q: (En unos de tus entradas de Facebook hablaste del uso de la espiritualidad in Psytrance y como ego y personas falsas están nublando el genero de musica. Como te quedas humilde en una escena de está creciendo tan rápidamente en los últimos tres o quatro años?

A: Hola. Saludos para todos respondiendo tu pregunta.. ultimamente no me siento parte de ninguna escena, estoy, aunque suene extraño , “en silencio” , solo estoy haciendo mi musica y entregando de esa manera, mi voz. Cuando escribi esa frase acerca del Ego ( entre otras cosas ) en el trance, algunas personas me respondieron que siempre a sido asi , y recordando lo que vi en mis comienzos en chile,  es verdad, siempre a sido asì , solo que ahora yo me he dado mas cuenta  o consciente de ello de una manera mas profunda, y fuera de esto que me molesta . YO, como todos, tenemos un ego , pero en esta musica , donde se habla y predican muchas filosofias de amor , misticismo, religiones, simbolos, geometria sagrada, en fin ….  Un muy poco porcentage de personas, creo que practican realmente todo eso que meciono de manera real, y muchos la utilizan para encajar o lo usa como un manto para verse iluminados, por decirlo de alguna manera , y por dentro son realmente oscuridad. Cada uno puede hacer lo que quiere, la musica esta echa para ir a bailar y desconectarse de el sistema , pero me parece hipocrica  estar en un manto de manifestaciones misticas sagradas iluminadas, cuando lo unico que te interesa es ganar dinero, mas dinero, tener mas reputacion, verte en los top 1 de charts , tener miles de seguidores,  hacer musica VACIA, sin contenido y cero magia y decir que eres puro amor, cuando unicamente te interesa estar con los que te pueden dar algo para tu propio beneficio.

( esto tambien sucede mucho en las terapias holisticas, que son hermosas, pero prometen muchos, algo que no pueden hacer – cobrando altos precions por terapias, y sanando a casi nadie )

Q: Cuando estabas produciendo tu nuevo álbum “Voyage”, te encontraste con problemas en terminando canciones? ¿Cómo los superó?

A:Todo el tiempo es asi. Con este nuevo disco, intentè mejorar mi sonido, ya que considero que en todos mis albunes , mi sonido en general es malo, no me gusta , y me comparo con artistas que me gustan y digo , Porque sueno tan mal?!!

y me frustra.

El disco demorò bastante en terminarse, ya que mis ideas me aburren y siento que hago mas de lo mismo, y muchos van a decir tambien eso cuando lo escuchen. Pero me di cuenta , al sentir eso, de que mi musica, es MI musica, y suena a “mi”, entonces me di cuenta que si llego a repetir mi formula nuevamente, es simplemente mi estilo, es como sueno y como quiero sonar , alguien me dijo, “posiblemente tu eres el unico que puede hacer trance como el que haces ” , entonces  me di cuenta que es cierto, mi musica es unica, como tambien, es unica de cada artista.. pienso que ese a sido la mayor dificultad en este disco, aceptar de que no puedo cambiar mi formula o cambiar la formula de el psytrance mundial , ya que , no me resuena hacerlo diferente y no quiero que pierda lo que por el momento, considero que es psytrance , en mi.

Lo supere todo cuando comprendi que no esta mal seguir mi formula . eejeje

Q: En tu nuevo álbum tenias la chanca de trabajar con la leyenda de es John ‘00’ Fleming. Puedes describir cómo se sintió trabajando con el?

A: Con john , muy genial. El sabe de musica trance en todas sus variedades y eso me gusta mucho.
La cancion aparecio primero en su ultimo album , y ahora quise hacer una nueva version llevada mas cerca a mi propio sonido y creo que el resultado es muy bueno, estoy feliz de trabajar con Joof , siempre es un agrado porque el es una persona amable y muy buena vibra.

Q:  Tenistes inspiraciones de te ayudaron en la creación de “Voyage”?

A: Mi gran inspiracion es siempre hacer viajes musicales, me encanta como direcciono mi musica , siempre son una historia contada en melodias. Es como una pelicula, esta el comienzo , un climax, y un final.., una progresion , y me encanta inspirarme con los temas de conciencia colectiva y de superacion personal, eso es muy importante. Llevar a la persona a un viaje profundo, lo que mas se pueda, y con un mensaje que sea un aporte interesante, impactante.

A mi no me gusta Viajar fisicamente, pero si me gusta que la musica me transporte y me haga viajar, ese es el real sentido.

Q: Tienes un mensaje que quieres transmitir a tus fans por el álbum? Y puedes elaborar en que ese mensaje es?

A: Los mensajes estan en el disco , que por cierto, son tambien dedicados a mi mismo, como lo he hecho en mis ultimos discos , jajajaja , tambien quiero crecer , madurar , mejorar . Mensaje a mis seguidores, no lo se, yo creo que los que son fieles, saben que musica van a escuchar, la van a disfrutar, con atencion, dedicacion y amor, saben a lo que van a escuchar, solo me gustaria darles las gracias por acompañarme en este viaje, y espero no defraudarlos! .  La mayor sorpresa de este disco, es que he incluido canciones GOA TRANCE old school 🙂 , eso es algo nuevo en mis discos.

Espero que tengan un buen viaje!

Q: Has estado en la escena por un tiempo ya? Todavía hay cosas que quieres hacer en el futuro?

A: Esta es una pregunta muy dificil…. en general yo siento que en el trance o psytrance, no hay mucho mas que decir. Es una vision muy negativa, lo sè , pero esta muy saturado , demasiado saturado, como decias en una pregunta anterior, la escena crece y crece,  y es asi, pero a mi gusto, gran % va en caida .  Yo no he viajado a otros paises por decicion personal, pero me dedico a ver videos en youtube , de fiestas , y se que mi opinion puede ser poco objetiva, pero las personas estan bailando cualquier cosa que el dj o artista toca , puede ser progressive con madonna cantando, con un , remix muy muy malo, pero las personas lo bailan igual , tambien veo que la gente solo espera el drop con Kick and Bass , y que hay del resto de la cancion??, los artistas tambien potencian eso en sus canciones y en sus videos promocionales, donde compilan en 2 minutos, sus presentaciones y unicamente incluyen los drops y la gente saltando como locos … es una ridicules., yo entrè al psytrance por su orientacion mistica, de viaje introspectivo, no por musica llevadas al rave y al maisntream de manera horrenda.

Y en general, muchos sub estilos de psy, estan estancados, y lo mas triste , es la pelea que hay entre sub generos.., entre los que les gusta el progressive y el dark, una discusion estupida.., por eso yo comencè mi compilacion llamada “Mysteries of psytrance,”, donde incluyo varios sub generos, al final, nadie te puede decir que es Psytrance hoy en dia.

Pienso que lo unico que podria hacer, yo , como ovnimoon , es seguir mi camino, mi formula.., quizas como ahora comienzo a hacer GOA trance, puede que en el futuro haga Forest y le dè mi toque de Ovnimoon…

He sido fiel a mi estilo, y espero mejorarlo , para seguir siendo, para algunos, uno de los pocos que hace Psytrance de verdad.

Q: Cual era la razón primaria para hacer tu propio label de música? Qué es lo que hace Ovnimoon Records diferente de los restos de los labels en la escena?

A: La primera razon fue tener la libertad de hacer mis compilaciones a mi gusto, fue una idea de Nathan ( Dr Spook ) . Yo aceptè sin ningun afan o vision acerca de lo que vendria despues.

Ovnimoon records es un sello que se caracteriza por reflejar mi amplio gusto por la musica.

Me parece algo aburrido solo editar musica Psytrance, sabiendo que en el mundo hay toneladas de buena musica, y toneladas por millones de mala musica tambien.

Entonces Ovnimoon rec es un sello que se a caracterizado por eso, por ser open mind , por exploner muchos sub estilos de trance y tambien de musica electronica .

Psytrance, Goa, Ambient, IDM , TechTrance, Full on, Forest , Progressive , Drone , world music , etc..

Eso me hace sentido a mi, poder mostrar de todo un poco, al igual que mis compilaciones, se me hace aburrido escuchar un cd con 10 canciones iguales, prefiero los matices y las historias .

Q: Hay un DJ/productor de música de no es tan popular, pero agarro tu atención? Quien y porque?

A: Ultimamente ,  en el psytrance,  casi nadie , me gusta eso si, todo lo que edito en mi label, me gusta tambien mucho lo que esta haciendo un nuevo artista, que aparece en mi disco en una colaboracion , “Spiritual Mode ” , me gusta mucho.

Pero lo que me llama mas la atencion , es mi gusto por la musica en general, me encanta el ambient, el Chill Hop o Lofi Hip hop, que me a tocado el alma!!!, muy emocional…. y tambien los 80s, 90s, el eurodance que es mi raiz, la musica experimental tambien.. El techno trippy!! y atmospherico, que es donde he encontrado el real trance ultimamente….

Realmente no estoy interesado en escuchar Psytrance que se parece a 400 canciones editadas hace 4 meses atras jejejee, prefiero variar con lo que escucho.

Q: Afuera del Psytrance, cuales son tus favoritos tres géneros de música?)

A: Creo que lo respondi antes..

Me gusta el Pop, el Hip hop, 70s, 90s, 80s, jazz, drone, ambient, Eurodance , Glitch Hop, Lounge, rock , Goa antiguo , IDM , Acid.. etc.. 🙂

Q: En su viaje por el género de Psytrance, es posible que haz conocido a muchas personas muy interesantes. Sin diendo nombres, puedes compartir el encuentro que tú piensas es más interesante?

A: He conocido personas muy buenas de

puedo decir que si.

pero prefiero no seguir hablando de las personas. 

Q: Antes que tocas en frente de una audiencia, hay algo especial que haces para prepararte mentalmente? Como haces tu selección de canciones de vas a tocar durante ese set?) 

A: Ultimamente no lo hago, pero antes cuando hacia dj set, solo estaba preocupado de mis nervios jajaja y de estar comodo,  nunca sabia lo que iba a tocar, eso era muy genial.

Y cuando tocaba en vivo, lo mismo, mis nervios trataba de mantenerlos relajados..

La seleccion de la musica en live act, tenia mas preparacion, porque tenia que contar una historia, y tocar lo que yo consideraba mejor para mi Live. Pero mas alla de eso, no hacia nada realmente preparado.

Q: Demasiada gracias por tomar tiempo fuera de tu dia para responder a mis preguntas? Antes que terminamos, hay algo que quieres a decir ha tus fans?

A: Gracias por apoyar, por sus mensajes positivos cada dia, y por entender mi musica!!

Lo que quiero decir, es algo para el publico en general y acerca de lo importante que es que apoyen a sus selllos y artistas favoritos.

Gracias a aquellos que compran la musica, porque aunque quieran o no quieran, les guste o no les guste…, la musica es nuestro trabajo.

Ya sea , tocando en un escenario, o solo coponiendo musica, el dinero no cae desde el cielo , apoyar , comprando la musica, significa que respetas al musico, que respetas el trabajo y el arte , que lo aprecias , la pirateria hoy en dia es necesaria como medio de difusion, pero es tambien por eso que los sellos cada vez menos , sacan Cds, VInilos , los artistas cada vez sacan menos albunes, y solo sacan un single, como estrategia de marqueting para estar visibles…
Espero algun dia esto cambie, Yo creo que se pued,e ya lo he visto en sellos independientes, que venden copias en vinilo, costosas, y cassettes y su publico los apoya, asi pueden seguir creciendo, en el psytrance he visto poco eso.. , se tiende a decir que la musica tiene que ser gratis, o hasta me han dicho que porque vendo mi musica si yo soy millonario XD! jajajaja

Pienso que todo el mundo que trabaja de lunes a viernes, es feliz a final de mes .





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