The Gatekeepers of Psy Trance: Vini Vici, Coming Soon and Berg

In every genre, there is something I like to call “stepping stone artist”. These are artists that the hardcore fans of the genre might be sick of from being over played or too embarrassed to admit that they like, in fear of losing their elitism. No matter how much you hate to admit, these artists are integral in making a genre grow. Dubstep saw it with Skrillex and Bigroom House saw it with Avicii.

It has taken quite some time for Psytrance to have something like this to happen. I think that is all about to change this year with artists like Vini Vici, Coming Soon!!! and Berg gaining rapid popularity amongst new fans to the genre. They have the hook and presence that I remember seeing in Skrillex and Avicii in the past.

Vini Vici have been around for awhile now but they definitely struck gold with their track “The Tribe”. This track is an instant crowd pleaser from the first time it was played. I remember hearing Bryan Kearney first playing it in Argentina when it was still an ID. The roar from the crowd perfectly summed up how I felt when I heard it. PURE INSANITY!

Following the same tribal style with triplets as “The Tribe” they remixed “Free Tibet”. This track pretty much solidified them as the new fan favorite. High energy with a nice build up into a hard hitting drop. This is exactly what fans coming from ‘EDM’ needed to be sold on Psytrance.

Coming Soon!!! is another group of artists who has helped make a bridge for these new fans to cross. These guys have also been around in the Psytrance scene for a good amount of time. Coming Soon!!! did something that is harshly looked down upon by hardcore fans of the genre. They took a chance and blended Trap music with Psy with great success on their end. It showed newcomers that Psytrance can be party music and not just some hypnotizing genre.

Amazing stage presence is another plus they have going for them. With every Facebook, Instagram, or promotional video of these two, you can see they are going crazy with the crowd. People love seeing that kind of excitement because it makes them want to be a part of that experience.

Berg is in a unique position in my opinion. He is not quite what I would consider a “stepping stone artist”, he’s more of a second step. He has similarities with the two mentioned above but he has a sound that the elitists still like. Once newcomers get a good taste of what Psy is, Berg has just the right sound to catapult them deeper into the abyss.

Berg has a very traditional Progressive Psy style with high energy and sets that flow very well. He won’t quite send you into the cosmos but he will definitely give you a ride around the galaxy. Which is extremely important because you don’t want to scare the newcomers off too quickly. Leave the Dark Psy for that wink.

Artists such as these three, even if you don’t like them, are important in order for our favorite genres to grow. When a genre grows in popularity it gives local promoters confidence in booking a wide variety of artists within the genre.

Before I end this, I just want to give a huge shoutout to all the “stepping stone artists”.


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