ASOT Miami: The Old Becoming The New


“A State of Trance” Miami hasn’t had the most Trance filled lineup in the last couple of years. In 2016 we saw Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz featured on the ASOT stage and we also tend to see DJs such as Andrew Rayel and Orjan Nilsen who have moved onto a Bigroom sound.

This year is different, we’re seeing the revival of old Trance monikers and one brand new one. Arty will be bringing back the sounds of Alpha 9 and the legendary Sander van Doorn will be playing under the classic P.Haze alias. W&W will be premiering their new Trance alias NWYR.

The ASOT stage at Ultra Music Festival will be one of the most interesting of this event. With these three alone and the release of Rayel’s new Psy Trance track, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what to expect.

I am going to take an in-depth look at the three big mysteries at this stage, Alpha 9, P.Haze, and NWYR. To give you an idea of what to maybe expect from these acts.

Let us start with Alpha 9 since he will be one of the openers. Arty decided to bring back his Alpha 9 alias after realizing that he wanted to give back to his older fans. The fans that fell in love with his original Progressive / Trance sound.

I expect Alpha 9 to play some of his best-known classics like “Come Home” and “Bliss” while also showing off new productions like “The Night Is Ours”. If he goes down the route of a full blown classic producer set, we could see some old Arty tracks that still fall under the Progressive Trance umbrella. It would also be nice if he ventured into the Progressive House realm and played tracks from the likes of Shingo Nakamura and Max Graham. Personally, I hope to hear “Rebound” so I can have a complete fanboy meltdown but I doubt it.

Next up is W&W’s new moniker NWYR. This one is a bit tricky because we really only have one collab and one remix to go off of. Both sounding vastly different from the Tech Trance sounds of their past. I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard some of their more famous classics such as “AK-47” and “Invasion”. I just hope we get a more raw Trance sound from them, unlike their new Ed Sheeran remix which sounded like a sped up Bigroom track. The collab they did with Armin van Buuren does give me hope that they will pleasantly surprise us.

Now, the one I am most excited to see return, Sander van Doorn’s P.Haze! Purple Haze is one of the most iconic names in the Tech Trance world. Known for tracks like “Bliksem”, “Riff”, and “Hymn 2.0” you know this man has what it takes to deliver a breathtaking set.

I expect to hear a good amount of new productions from him mixed in with older Doorn tracks. From the preview of his new track “Neiloj”, he has definitely taken a much more Techno inspired route with his music. I am guessing he is going to open his set with Techno, move into his take on Tech Trance and end with classics. I am fairly positive that this will be a contender for best set of the week.

This year’s ASOT stage for Ultra Music Festival will be one for the books. It is a real treat to see some many old faces return to trance all at one event. I will definitely be tuned into this stage on Sunday anticipating greatness.


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