Top 10 Tracks + 3 Sets Week #1

This is a weekly series I’m starting where I share with you ten tracks and three live sets that I am enjoying. The music I select isn’t necessarily going to be new releases. I will be sharing with you new and old tracks that have been tickling my fancy that week. Let’s dive into this!



  1. Boom Jinx & Daniel Kandi – Azzura (Juventa vs. Willem de Roo Remix)

  2. Ace Ventura & Freedom Fighters – The Encounter (LOUD Remix)

  3. Paul Oakenfold & Jordan Suckley – Amnesia

  4. Hefty – The Pentagon Lie

  5. Triceradrops – Engineering The Dead

  6. Triceradrops – Force Fed Psychedelics

  7. Andy Duguid featuring Leah – Don’t Belong (Sied van Riel Remix)

  8. Lostly – By Morning You’ll Be Gone

  9. Steve Dekay + Amos & Riot Night – Onslaught

  10. R.E.L.O.A.D. – Primitive Mind

YouTube playlist


  1. Bryan Kearney – LIVE @ Dreamstate UK, London, March 4th, 2017

  2. J Noriega – Live @Equivalence 2017

  3. The Outburst Radioshow – Episode 500 (24/02/17)


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