The Rekindling of Trance

Trance… the genre that completely redefined my taste in music when I was barely a teenager. I remember first hearing a Markus Schulz track in 2007 while watching a World of Warcraft video and immediately being hooked to that type of sound. The beautiful melodies and driving basslines are what has kept me a fan for these past ten years.

Shortly after being exposed to trance it took a bit of a downfall in popularity around 2010–11. Big names like Tiesto, Sander van Doorn, and even Armin van Buuren started to pull away from the genre to play more of a Bigroom sound. Major festivals like Sensation white/black and Ultra stopped booking trance for the mainstage. A State of Trance and the late Trance Around The World now called Group Therapy started to play a slower house-y sound. It definitely felt like a dark and grim time for any diehard trance fan.

The one thing that will always keep this genre alive and kicking. Is it’s strong underground scene and extremely loyal fans that stretch around the globe. While the majority of the big names followed the money we still had many powerhouse producers stick with us. John O’callaghan, Bryan Kearney, J00F, Solarstone, Christopher Lawrence and many many more. All these producers stuck with a sound that they knew wouldn’t bring them heaps of money or get them booked for the main stage. Their love for trance and the family that follows it is truly a remarkable thing.

After many years of weathering this storm of Brostep, Bigroom, and trap there finally seems to be a glimmering light In the past year or two we have started to see trance make a resurgence in popularity and it’s not just the traditional trance. The darker and heavier sounding trance is what’s bringing it back to the surface. New and old festivals are putting a much stronger emphasis on trance. With the highly successful Dreamstate reintroducing the proper trance sound to the USA. Talent bookers and promoters are becoming much more willing to take a risk with trance In my state companies like Hades Entertainment and Relentless Beats brought more trance DJ’s in 2016 than they have in a long while. Let’s hope this trend continues in 2017 and beyond.

I am going to end this blog with some hopeful advice. With trance starting to rekindle in the dance music scene and DJs / producers start coming back to the genre. Please remember the ones who stuck with us to keep this beautiful genre alive for a new generation of dancers to fall in love with.



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